Sunday, March 16, 2008

Select PyCon Photos

I'm at PyCon. I brought my camera, but I haven't taken it out of my room yet. But several others have, and have been uploading their photos to Flickr and tagging them.

Here are some of my favorites (presented in an order that I hope will tell a little story for the kids):

Flug Berlin - Amsterdam

Crowne Plaza 2
This is the tower of the hotel that is hosting the conference. I'm on the eighth floor. The conference tutorials, sessions and sprints are all in the hotel complex, so I have yet to leave the hotel since I arrived Wednesday night.

My room looks just like this.

PyCon 2008: Day 1

PyCon 2008: Day 1
More than 1000 people registered for PyCon. For the three days of the conference, we were all together in the mornings and late afternoon, but the sessions split into four tracks during the day.

PyCon 2008: Day 1

I'm actually in this one. If you look at the largest size of the photo, you may barely recognize me sitting in the back row (not at a table with a white cloth), all the way to the right. (I didn't realize that most of the people from the previous session were staying for the one I came for; I was lucky to get a seat.)

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