Monday, November 14, 2016

A "Hypothetical" Question

I have a hypothetical question for you...

Let's say you're on the board of your local preschool to which you send your kids for both daycare and preschool. Bob, the manager of the preschool is retiring after eight years of service. Most people think he did a pretty good job. The preschool lost less money than before he took over, and the kids are happier and fewer parents complained or send their kids elsewhere. More parents brought their kids to the preschool from elsewhere too. And your kids are happy there.

But Bob never got along with the executive board (who oversee the day-to-day operation of the preschool--the rest of the board just votes at annual meetings). Most of the executive board recommended someone else eight years ago, and for various reasons never accepted Bob.

The board has two candidates for the position. One, Hannah, used to work with Bob. Bob recommends her. She's clearly qualified. But a lot of people in town don't trust her, and don't like her husband Will who cheated on her years ago while he ran the preschool! (It came out that he actually did so with a teacher in the preschool building--but it's agreed that Will never let it affect the preschool and was a great manager and teacher.) Hannah has spent the last few years volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, and kids love her.

The other candidate is Dan, who runs a local construction company. Dan has no experience working with kids or running a preschool. But Dan likes to brag around town that he's built a very successful business (he lives with his third wife in a huge house he built himself) and says he has big plans to make the preschool into an elite academy, without raising fees. There are rumors around town that Dan has built his company by bribing the city council to grant him projects, and he has a poor rating with the Better Business Bureau. Worse, some people say they overheard him bragging that he can get kids (especially girls) to do whatever he wants, because he is rich and powerful. But others say that was just talk, as Dan is prone to do.

The board seems to be split. Most members agree that Hannah is better with kids, but about half are excited about Dan's plans for the preschool. Several say they don't like him, but they do like what he intends to do with the preschool. (Most of the executive board supports Dan.)

So here's my question: who do you trust with your kids, Dan, or Hannah?