Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm going to PyCon

I registered yesterday for PyCon, after getting my Travel Authorization approved just in time to still get the "early" rate (which ended yesterday).

I'm going to be there for the tutorials (all three)--since this is my first PyCon I want to get as much as possible out of it. I chose:
Sometime (in the next three weeks) I'll have to start planning on which sessions I'll attend.

Also (in the spirit of getting as much as possible out of it--and giving something back) I'm going to stay for the sprints. I'll almost certainly be joining the Django sprint, since I've begun using it at my day job (and for personal projects). This should be a good opportunity to learn a lot more about Django. I'll need to read Contributing to Django and follow the instructions in Preparing For The Next Django Sprint (which I heard about out about on the This Week in Django podcast #11).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

3 anecdotes

I found a piece of pink construction paper taped to the headboard of my bed the other day, with a heart shape cut out of it. Around the heart was written (in crayon) "Furr Dad love sekret Jild Fnd - I wot tll you Hoo mad this." [Translation: For Dad, love secret child friend. I won't tell you who made this.] (The J in "Jild" was backwards.) Elleda has been enjoying writing notes and in her journal she got from her tooth fairy "Trixie" after her second tooth fell out.

When we got back in the van to head home after Gabe's birthday party, Henry was singing (before we turned the music on) "Nothing's gonna change my world; Nothing's gonna change my world."--a line from the Beatles' "Across the Universe". I guess a song can get stuck in a two-year-old's head too. (That song has been in the news lately.)

I don't really have a cute anecdote about Gabe, but for several weeks I've been enjoying taking him out for breakfast on Friday mornings. That kid can eat! He'll eat his Mickey Mouse pancake, sausage and egg and then eat most of one of my pancakes. And he still has room for a donut if we have time. Claire and I have noticed that he has been acting out much less, and has been sharing and doing special favors for Henry and Elleda. Perhaps our "dates" have a little to do with that. Or perhaps he's maturing.

I've updated Flickr (and with new photos.