Monday, December 17, 2007

I took Gabe to a hockey game

I took Gabe to see the San Jose Sharks play the Dallas Stars on Saturday. (A friend at work got my the tickets and took his son who is about the same age.) I was a little worried that Gabe would miss his nap (which he still seems to need and takes every day without fuss), but he did great.

I felt like I was passing on a family tradition: my dad took me to many hockey games as a kid. (For years we went to the Centennials games, and we saw the short-lived Cowboys play a few games, and we went to several Flames games, of course. Ya gotta love Wikipedia.)

But one tradition we didn't continue: Gabe actually stayed awake for the entire game. I used to fall asleep during the game, and then wake up between periods to watch the Zamboni.

We got up and walked around during the breaks between the periods, and enjoyed eating an ice-cream sundae during the start of the third period that we bought during the break. After the game I bought Gabe a t-shirt, which he proudly wore home and all-day yesterday.

Gabe did very well following the game. He was a little overwhelmed at first, it took 5 or 10 minutes before he'd remove his hands from his ears--hockey games are much louder than they were when I was his age. But before long he was cheering loudly and clapping and yelling "score"! I was impressed when we got home and he explained that it was fun, but that the Stars won 3-2. (He missed the empty-net goal.)

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