Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm on YouTube!

I'm in New York City for the Google Test Automation Conference. Today was the second (and final) day. I signed up (and managed to get enough votes to be selected) to give a lightning talk at the end of the day today, the AV folks at Google already have a video up on YouTube.

I thought I would just be part of one long video of all the lightning talks, but they went to the trouble of posting just my talk. We each had 5 minutes to talk, and if we exceeded that time limit we'd be pelted by plastic balls. (And the audience was just waiting for the chance.)


I posted the photos you see me taking with my iPhone on Flickr.

I also found my photo on Picasa Web Albums. It's not bad...that's my good side.

But it wasn't all about me. :-)

I'll follow-up with a post (or two) about the conference itself.

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